maandag 11 april 2011

Insane EU ban on snus

Rage meter: ++

Anyone can bring 5kg of snus from Sweden into the EU through customs legally. 5kg is a lot actually, with 21.6g per can for a "02 strong portion" can, my calculator tells me that this is 231.4 cans or about 23 rolls. I use just 1 roll (10 cans) a month. So with some organisation, just 2 persons going for a ride or plane to go to Sweden a year (I am assuming it is then 10kg), many users could be helped.

I am not really in the position to sue the EU: the hassle of a legal trial is too much for me (I am recovering from a cerebral infarction after a horseriding accident). But if someone else would want to sue the EU, then by all means! This is why:

It is completely insane to ban snus while cigarettes are freely available, with all negative effects like lung cancer. If the EU wishes to keep the snus ban up, they should also ban smoking tobacco products, but of course it means the loss of a cash cow. And we all know that smoking is in effect cheaper for the government, since esp many people after 60, outside of their "productive years", die much faster because of smoking. That means a lot less health sector Euros. So my guts tell me that the EU are secretly *glad* that people smoke, while snus is banned because it has less health issues. Conspiracy theory?

Maybe we can create an online "snus user network" where some willing ppl are bringing snus from Sweden in batches and the organisation distributes the cans. In the EU it is forbidden to sell snus, but if we just *exchange* snus cans without commercial incentive.. is that legal then? I think it is.

In any case make yourself heard!

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  1. Hi Nils
    I agree 100% and that is why I setup

    I see you are registered on there baie goed :-)

    We will do something..where there is a will...

  2. In the meantime, I have quit smoking alltogether at 11-11-'11 :)

    Altho snus seems less toxic than smoking, there was always a chance to start smoking again. So I just "beat the bullet" and decided to remove tobacco completely out of my system .. easier :)